Had a nasty fall Sunday in a shoe store trying on shoes. Hubby tried to catch me, but I was too far out of reach. Hit my head on a metal shelf. Went to the ER Sunday. Slept most of yesterday. Mostly awake today since Noon. Sore and painful, but otherwise OK. Will update more later on in the week when I am feeling better.

Perfect Knitting Weather


According to the weatherman we here in Lexington were supposed to have an ice storm. God provided and we have had sleet and freezing rain off and on all day. The interesting part is that we are supposed to get snow, too, later on in the evening. It is perfect knitting weather to be curled up next to the couch and knitting.

Last night there was a lot of work done on the wonderful sweater called “Clark” – so much so that I think I have reached the 17 1/2 ” mark. Now I begin working on shaping the shoulders and preparing to begin making the back. Since this on is working up so quickly I am seriously considering beginning another one in a beautiful yarn called “Aran fleck” from Red Heart. Yes, I know, it is acrylic, but the people I am making the sweaters for are allergic to wool and most natural animal fibers. Sad, I know. Still, the yarn is beautiful and I am really looking forward to putting a project of it onto the needles.

As far as planned projects are concerned, I am also planning on putting a lace scarf on the needles. It will be my first lace project and I am making a scarf to wear for Church at the Pascha service, which happens in April (Pascha is the Eastern Orthodox Christian service of easter). Having it blocked before Pascha will be one of the hardest challenges. I am thinking of using Mist Heather from KnitPicks.com. As for the pattern, well, I haven’t quite decided on that yet. I do like Divine Lace, also from KnitPicks.com, as well as a couple of others. Sometimes there are a lot of decisions to make in the knitting world.

It seems I am a busy knitter of late it appears. Oh, that reminds me, I need to get some material to line my pretty little pink purse! I also want to put some nice fun yarn around the top that will, hopefully, just add the perfect touch.

Knitting Makes Us Smile


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Yesterday and today have been horrid homework days, but it was FINALLY accomplished which makes for a happier me. Because of said homework I didn’t knit at all yesterday on the dishcloths for my sister or the wonderful sweater called “Clark” which did not help my mood any. So, in honor of having accomplished something wonderful I gives you a happy picture and I goes knit now.

A Poll and the Wonderful Sweater Called "Clark"


Last night I was able to sit down and actually measure the current length of the front of the wonderful sweater called “Clark.” Eleven inches! At 171/2 inches the pattern changes and I need to be very aware of it. I must admit seeing the length in terms of measurement made me smile and proclaim it proudly to Hubby who just smiled and nodded like he usually does when I am talking excitedly about knitting.

Luckily for me Hubby doesn’t make fun of me for knitting, but he does like to poke the occasional joke, mostly because he can and usually I can make a joke right back to him. My knitting has actually gotten him to thinking about picking up a serious hobby again. We both beaded for years, but he doesn’t want to bead again, I don’t believe. He has mentioned painting D&D figures again (yes, we’re geeky like that as well), but he hasn’t made up his mind, and he is watching the process and progress of the wonderful sweater called “Clark” with interest. Do I think he will pick up knitting? No, he doesn’t want to knit–he has proclaimed that several times in the recent past. But, he does like the practicality of the knitting hobby because when an item is completed it is quite useful whether it be a sweater, a dishcloth, fingerless mitts, or something else: it is useful.

Socks! Socks! Socks!


Next Saturday at Stone’s Throw I will be learning how to make socks! I am so happy I could bubble! Wait. That’s what I’m doing! Hubby is even sort of excited because he knows eventually he will get “sandal socks” from me.

While there today picked up some much needed knitting needles.

Today I had yarn therapy.

*happy sigh*

Sitting Quietly With Yarn


Valentine’s Day has come and gone and been absolutely wonderful. Having a good man for my husband is absolutely great sometimes.

Today I have managed to work on the marvelous sweater called “Clark”. It feels good to be knitting again. I will post progress pictures as soon as I possible.

Oh, for Valentine’s Day goodness check out here. This is how my Valentine’s Day went.