Greetings Fellow Knitters and Curious People!


I am a knitter and a hand spinner. So, you can guess what this blog is going to be about.

I didn’t expect to have knitting taking over other general hobbies I have to the degree it has, but, sometimes, we simply cannot gauge how something is going to take hold of us and become THE hobby.

It has become evident to all of my friends just how much “textiles” are important to my peaceful nature, as well as what I can do for them for Christmas and birthdays, etc. Recently for Christmas there were MANY skeins of yarn provided to me for my amusement, and one friend actually asked for a sweater.

So, I am going to make this for him
It is going to be in a rich burgundy color. Since we do not know if he is alergic to wool or not it is going to be done in acrylic yarn. My hands are virtually itching to get started on it!


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