Have you ever noticed…


…how knitting just feels like home? Yesterday was a bad day for me physically. My back was hurting and I was having the doldrums. However, despite the day not being perfect, knitting was right there. So, I managed to put a few rows down onto the marvelous sweater named “Clark” and felt myself relax.

In the process of relaxing I realized that knitting, no matter where you are, is like bringing a part of home with you wherever you go. Part of the peace of “home” comes along so that you can rest inside your very being and be a little calmer than you might otherwise be simply because you have pointy sticks and a skein of thread commonly known as yarn, and it can make you so very happy!

Today there is a lot for me to do. It is so much in fact that the list I made last night has grown long and involved. Still, there is a line that plainly says knit on it as well as blog and lj (which means to write in the journal I have on Livejournal).

True, there is a lot for me to do today, and much which seriously needs to be accomplished, but how much do you bet I make a nice visit here now and then? Yeah, it isn’t a bet I would want to make either.


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