A Poll and the Wonderful Sweater Called "Clark"


Last night I was able to sit down and actually measure the current length of the front of the wonderful sweater called “Clark.” Eleven inches! At 171/2 inches the pattern changes and I need to be very aware of it. I must admit seeing the length in terms of measurement made me smile and proclaim it proudly to Hubby who just smiled and nodded like he usually does when I am talking excitedly about knitting.

Luckily for me Hubby doesn’t make fun of me for knitting, but he does like to poke the occasional joke, mostly because he can and usually I can make a joke right back to him. My knitting has actually gotten him to thinking about picking up a serious hobby again. We both beaded for years, but he doesn’t want to bead again, I don’t believe. He has mentioned painting D&D figures again (yes, we’re geeky like that as well), but he hasn’t made up his mind, and he is watching the process and progress of the wonderful sweater called “Clark” with interest. Do I think he will pick up knitting? No, he doesn’t want to knit–he has proclaimed that several times in the recent past. But, he does like the practicality of the knitting hobby because when an item is completed it is quite useful whether it be a sweater, a dishcloth, fingerless mitts, or something else: it is useful.


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