The Beginning of a New Idea


Slowly something has been dawning on me: There are a lot of knitters out there with arthritis in their hands. A lot of them have said, “My hands are so bad I can’t knit any more and I really miss it.” When I say I am still knitting they always ask questions and I always answer. Since this has been happening a lot recently, I have seriously been considering working on a knitting book for arthritics. There are a lot of little tricks out there some people have I don’t, and that I do but others don’t. Wouldn’t it be nice to collect some of them together? The only true problem, question I have is What kind of patterns should be included in the book? They need to be simple, for beginners as well as for sore hands to warm up with, but not so simple as to get boring. I am open to suggestions at this point.


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