Bright Sunlight and Knitting


Today is one of those days where I am not feeling all that perky. My stomach is nasty and my head doesn’t feel well, still (although I can gladly say it is better). Shane, a.k.a. Ricyos, is coming in this weekend and I really want to have at least the front of the sweater done for him so he can get an idea what it is going to look alike. At the same time there is this huge part of me that really wants to cast on for the back, then arms, so I can look at it eventually and say with pride, “It is finished! And it is beautiful! And I did it!” Yeah, a wee bit of the arrogance there, but, truth is, if you can’t have some pride in what you do, why should you do it at all?

It would be wonderful if I could combine my love for knitting and writing to make a living out of it, this would be fantastic. A lot of knitters probably feel this very same way. Is that really such a bad thing? I don’t think so. You have your two ultimate loves together, helping you make a living. What could be wrong? At the same time there is part of my brain that goes, “But wouldn’t you get tired of knitting after a while because you wouldn’t just be knitting for the love of it, but for other reasons, as in putting food on the table?” And, yes, this is a concern. Still, I want to try it, and I believe I will, but, for now, I knit on the wonderful sweater called Clark and be happy with feeling physically better right now.


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