Technical Difficulties


I am afraid Blogger and I are having technical difficulties: I need to upload a picture in order to sort of explain the article I was going to write; Blogger keeps telling me no. So, as soon as I can upload the picture, I can tell you a cute little story. Sadly, I need to picture to do so.

On the knitting front, however, things are finally progressing nicely. With my last final out of the way, there is a lot more time left to knit, and to write, which makes me a lot more relaxed. The wonderful sweater called Clark almost has a front now. Just a few more rows and the shaping of the neck and it will be finished! Excitement abounds! And Saturday, if all goes well, and I am praying it does, I will be able to go to Stone’s Throw for my sock class and simply enjoy myself with Beth and other knitters for a while. Poor Hubby has been relegated to running the store while we knit. This pleases me tremendously – he is doing his very best to get me to that class, and since Gabby has eaten the toes out of his socks, well, he sort of needs some more.


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