S much knitting…..!


There is so much knitting I am behind on – part of me wants to feel almost panicked because of it, but there is another part of me that is sincerely thrilled about it all!

Let’s see…. There is the sweater for Ricyos. Hubby needs a new hat and keeps asking me about it every day to see if I have started on it or not. Sister2 needs her dishrags ASAP. And the lace yarn is just laying there viewing me with shameful…fibers…wondering why I am neglecting it so. The new sock yarn is forlornly pining waiting to be put on needles. Oh, and the beautiful purple roving is nearly spun but I just can’t seem to find the extra time needed in order to pick it up and finish it!

I know knitting and fiber work is now my truest of hobbies simply because I do not feel over-whelmed by all of it waiting for me to get to it. Knowing it is there and working on what I can in the time I have fills me with peace and such a deep joy. However, it would be nice to have all day to knit and about six more pairs of hands in order to get it all done.


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