Yet Another Hat


It has been several days since I have updated here, but, as usual, there have been other things getting in the way of the knitting – most notably the Eastern Orthodox Pascha, or Easter! Our service was this past Saturday beginning at 11:00 p.m. After the service all of us who remained broke fast with a glorious pot-luck feast! It was magnificent!
This pretty little gem was finished several days ago, but have just now gotten around to taking (a very blurry picture) of it. I think it quite cute.
The next thing on the knitting agenda is, hopefully, going to be the short-shorts from Sexy Little Knits and the wonderful sweater called Clark. I want to see the sweater together and looking good. However, I am seriously thinking of going back and re-doing the sweater. My mind keeps thinking of something else I could do to make it even more dashing. There is also another part of my brain that would very much just like to follow the pattern without changing it, which I may also do.
Hubby took off work today because of Pascha and he is sitting in the floor playing the X-Box. I hadn’t realized until today he had given up video games for Lent. He is having a wonderful time, so I came in here to make up-dates and go through a few things on Ravelry and other places. Tomorrow is class, but today is just for rest and relaxation, and, of course, this means knitting at some point!

Knitting is Good for the Soul


My nerves have been all a-jangle today. Why? Have no clue. Well, I do, but it is best not to delve too deeply into deep dark pits. Yeah, I figured you would catch the meaning.

So, in order to solve the nerves problem and still stay married and have friends and some semblance of sanity, I have turned to knitting. The projects are all progressing quite nicely, and I am hoping the hat I am lovingly calling “riveletts” will be finished some time today. As always, I will post picture(s) when hat is done.



Finally have a picture of the newest tam for Hubby. Sadly, you can’t see the stitch definition because the only camera I had to take a picture of the hat with was my camera phone. *sigh* I am going to have to locate Hubby’s camera and get a new card for it for all of these knitting projects. He doesn’t use it, so why just let it sit there, forlorn and alone and unused? Right? Right!

Sweaters in Summer and Other Projects


Recently I told Cheyenne that his sweater (the wonderful sweater called Clark) would probably be put on the back burner until about September. Since I have said this, and almost decided it, of course, the sweater keeps calling to me and encouraging me to finish it before moving on the any more projects.

Recently added to the needles has been a pair of shorts for myself from Sexy Little Knits and also a hat for myself, or someone. About the only project I have not actively put on the needles is my lace project. *sigh* The lace scarf isn’t going to be finished by Pascha; however, it will be finished by the end of summer. (So let it be written! So let it be done! sort of thing.)



I haven’t forgotten I need to write an update about the Yarn Harlot’s visit to Lexington, but, sadly, classes are also present and require a good modicum of attention.

Did finish Hubby’s latest hat and will furnish a picture just as soon as possible.

Off to class!