Yet Another Hat


It has been several days since I have updated here, but, as usual, there have been other things getting in the way of the knitting – most notably the Eastern Orthodox Pascha, or Easter! Our service was this past Saturday beginning at 11:00 p.m. After the service all of us who remained broke fast with a glorious pot-luck feast! It was magnificent!
This pretty little gem was finished several days ago, but have just now gotten around to taking (a very blurry picture) of it. I think it quite cute.
The next thing on the knitting agenda is, hopefully, going to be the short-shorts from Sexy Little Knits and the wonderful sweater called Clark. I want to see the sweater together and looking good. However, I am seriously thinking of going back and re-doing the sweater. My mind keeps thinking of something else I could do to make it even more dashing. There is also another part of my brain that would very much just like to follow the pattern without changing it, which I may also do.
Hubby took off work today because of Pascha and he is sitting in the floor playing the X-Box. I hadn’t realized until today he had given up video games for Lent. He is having a wonderful time, so I came in here to make up-dates and go through a few things on Ravelry and other places. Tomorrow is class, but today is just for rest and relaxation, and, of course, this means knitting at some point!

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