The Needles Return



All last week I dreamed of knitting. In my dreams I knitted sweaters, scarves, hats, and even a very interesting skirt I may actually try to do. The pull of the knitting needles was so exceptionally strong that I actually pulled out the needles and began working on some dishcloths I had promised Sister2.

The dishcloths weren’t what I was actually wanting to begin on, but short projects are important right now because this week and next are finals for me and I don’t have the brain cells left for doing much more than dishcloths, and perhaps a hat.

There is some lovely cotton thread I am going to be using for the summer hat. It is pink, yellow, green, and a lovely sand color with purples that are going to combine to make a beautiful chapeaux for yours truly. The hat is a treat to myself for actually completing this quarter, which has me practically brain-dead at this moment. (This quarter has been little else than stress after stress.)


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