Today, after tai chi, which went by far too fast for me, we went to Fava’s for breakfast, where we did heartily, and then, of course, I went to Stone’s Throw. Beth was not there, but Megan was, which meant there was yarn which could be purchased. And it was. I am probably going to have to slip some money from DH some way in order to make due with everything I need to do this beginning of the month. Part of me regrets having spent the money for the yarn, but there is this other side of me that is relieved there is new yarn in the stash, plus good knitting mojo was passed along to me from Stone’s Throw. The knitting mojo was much needed.

Yarn has, completely and irrevocably, become my stress reliever. When something goes wrong I pick up the knitting needles and knit quietly for an hour or two. DH is being a grumpy bastard – I pick up the knitting needles and knit quietly for an hour or two. The nerves need to be settled before class – I pull out the knitting needles and knit quietly for as long as is possible. There is a brief that needs to be written and is being troublesome or a a story item that isn’t working out – again, knitting needles and knitting. How is it then possible for me to walk into a store that provides such beautiful yarn and roving and walk out with nothing? Impossible. It helps, too, that I don’t have to ask DH for any funds for purchasing of said materials. He would, I think, but he would grumble and fuss for a good week. (It is very rare he will purchase yarn for me and not grumble about how much it costs.) It must be a guy thing. Ok…SOME guys’ ‘guy thing’, if that makes any sense.

*sigh* So, pinching pennies and putting in what I make into the bank and life will go on. The bright side is – there is yarn. New yarn. Yarn that is patiently waiting for me to pick it up and do something absolutely beautiful with it. Oh, and roving. Beautiful blue and white roving. AND, Megan also told me how to “set” the thread once it is spun. I am happy. Broke, perhaps, but happy.


The Best Laid Plans….


With all of the planning I did for the wonderful knitting projects absolutely nothing has been done toward them. Why? Because of a very bad reaction to a medication I was trying out for my arthritis from my rheumatologist Wednesday.

It was a patch of pain medication called Flector Patch(tm), which is an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug); it’s medical/drug name is diclofenac epolamine topical patch. It worked wonderfully for the knee pain I was having on Tuesday night when I got home from class, but Wednesday morning brought nausea, stomach pain, weakness, and a few more icky side effects. It was serious enough to keep me from going to my class Wednesday night. This means Monday, when I get to Sullivan, I will be doing my absolute best to try and find out what assignment is due on this coming Wednesday.

Yesterday was a little better, and today I am feeling almost perfect (for me). There is still some lingering weakness, but the stomach pain and nausea are gone and I am close to being hungry again. For Mexican food. Yeah, I am such a weirdo when it comes to getting over icky days. When I get hungry from something like this it usually has a flavor…like Mexican, Italian, pizza, or Chinese.

Tonight is Game Night Part Deux. I think it is the perfect time to take along some knitting, don’t you?

Into the Future


I can actually say that today I have rested my hands for the obligatory hour, and a little longer because there was nap involved. Even though it is late all I have done is sleep and rest and thought of knitting projects to fill the coming days. I am going to be a very busy little girl with classes and all.

Signs of Addiction


I was just looking around my living room. There are two very large boxes, one completely full of yarn and one on its way to being filled. Yarn in paper bags. Yarn in plastic bags. Yarn in several different WIP bags. And a traveling yarn project bag in my book-bag for school. Could it possibly be I am addicted to yarn and knitting? Could be.

Along with the yarn was books. Several different books of varying shapes and sizes that my brain is itching to read. Books and yarn. How easily they go together.



DH has been going to a local shop to get his hair done. It is a dread shop and when the owner saw the tam I had made for DH he wanted me to knit some more, but I haven’t been inspired until recently. This past Saturday DH went back to the shop and he told the owner about the pink lemonade I had made for myself and there is a request in for two of those as well as any others I can possibly finish. If all goes well, I am going to work on those this week and get them finished so DH can take them to the shop and bring me some money home.

While I was making the pink lemonade tam for myself DH kept telling me I was wasting my time because no one would want to purchase that particular color scheme. It made me feel awesome when two of them were requested! I just need to grab one more larger skein of cotton for the tams and I am set. I am going to Michael’s later on in the week if at all possible, and to the mall to see if I can’t sell some purses my mother-in-law has made.

Where has this break gone?!

Socky Goodness


It is amazing how I have found myself picking up the needles now that there is more time. Amazing isn’t it? On Monday I found a sock I had begun last year and have already gotten it half-way finished. This pair of socks is for myself so I am not worrying about putting a heel in. Did I hear several people gasp?

Yes, I know, it is most easy to make a sock without putting in that pesky little heel, but there is a reason for my seeming madness – my feet.

Because of the arthritis my feet are “different” to say the least. They are different sizes, very wide, with “unusual” toes to say the least. Since this pair of socks is just for me, I am not worrying about putting a heel in because I just want to grab a sock and put it on and not worry about whether or not I have a right or left sock. Make sense? Therefore I am making myself tube socks.

The knitting of tube socks is virtually a mindless task and this is actually helping me get my head back into pre-quarter gear. Oh yes, there are other projects on the needles, but the socks are my easy knitting task for the day or evening, whenever it is I decide to pick them up. They will probably be the knitting I will take to the doctor’s office with me tomorrow and do a little knitting-in-public. Easy. Easy to transport, and extremely bright. I am happy with my little sock project. However, the socks for Dear Hubby is going to be a real pair of socks, including the heel.