Knitting Needles and Stress


see more dog pictures
Isn’t this just the cutest picture?!

I finally brought out the knitting needles for a hat for myself this time. I wanted to play with a tam idea I have in my head. If it works out good for me I’ll incorporate it into all of tams I am supposed to be knitting for the dread shop. To be quite honest, there hasn’t been anything much happening on the knitting front due to finals and the mock trial on Friday. Once this week is over I can breathe and knit and clean my house for an entire two week period before classes begin again.

Such is the life of a student.

There are also two dishcloths for Sister2 finished with pictures forthcoming. Knitting has saved me over for the past couple of weeks to give me some semblance of peace inside my head where I didn’t have to think over much about law or computers. (I think I hate CSC class.) Having that tiny little space of different thought has helped me tremendously to be a civil human being, as well as potassium and my pain meds.


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