Socky Goodness


It is amazing how I have found myself picking up the needles now that there is more time. Amazing isn’t it? On Monday I found a sock I had begun last year and have already gotten it half-way finished. This pair of socks is for myself so I am not worrying about putting a heel in. Did I hear several people gasp?

Yes, I know, it is most easy to make a sock without putting in that pesky little heel, but there is a reason for my seeming madness – my feet.

Because of the arthritis my feet are “different” to say the least. They are different sizes, very wide, with “unusual” toes to say the least. Since this pair of socks is just for me, I am not worrying about putting a heel in because I just want to grab a sock and put it on and not worry about whether or not I have a right or left sock. Make sense? Therefore I am making myself tube socks.

The knitting of tube socks is virtually a mindless task and this is actually helping me get my head back into pre-quarter gear. Oh yes, there are other projects on the needles, but the socks are my easy knitting task for the day or evening, whenever it is I decide to pick them up. They will probably be the knitting I will take to the doctor’s office with me tomorrow and do a little knitting-in-public. Easy. Easy to transport, and extremely bright. I am happy with my little sock project. However, the socks for Dear Hubby is going to be a real pair of socks, including the heel.


One thought on “Socky Goodness

  1. I made my first pair of tube socks this winter and your right it was such a mindless task.I hope to cast on another pair soon.I sooo hate getting the heel flap right and have subsequently never finished a real pair of socks. I do have one orphan sock somewhere around the house.Feel free to pop by and say hello.


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