DH has been going to a local shop to get his hair done. It is a dread shop and when the owner saw the tam I had made for DH he wanted me to knit some more, but I haven’t been inspired until recently. This past Saturday DH went back to the shop and he told the owner about the pink lemonade I had made for myself and there is a request in for two of those as well as any others I can possibly finish. If all goes well, I am going to work on those this week and get them finished so DH can take them to the shop and bring me some money home.

While I was making the pink lemonade tam for myself DH kept telling me I was wasting my time because no one would want to purchase that particular color scheme. It made me feel awesome when two of them were requested! I just need to grab one more larger skein of cotton for the tams and I am set. I am going to Michael’s later on in the week if at all possible, and to the mall to see if I can’t sell some purses my mother-in-law has made.

Where has this break gone?!


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