Signs of Addiction


I was just looking around my living room. There are two very large boxes, one completely full of yarn and one on its way to being filled. Yarn in paper bags. Yarn in plastic bags. Yarn in several different WIP bags. And a traveling yarn project bag in my book-bag for school. Could it possibly be I am addicted to yarn and knitting? Could be.

Along with the yarn was books. Several different books of varying shapes and sizes that my brain is itching to read. Books and yarn. How easily they go together.


3 thoughts on “Signs of Addiction

  1. But addiction sounds like such a bad word–like you’re on crack or something. Just think–you are so set for either A) this recession or B)a nuclear winter. So when I run out of my stash, I’m coming to stay at your house, ‘kay? (I make reeeally good desserts).


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