Dishcloths Everywhere!


Thank you to everyone that commented here on the blog and through e-mail about what has been going on with the blood pressure problems.

Just to settle your minds, I want everyone to know I am not just “letting this go” by any means. I am indeed taking my blood pressure medications and keeping up with what it is running during the day, as well as making sure to keep the doctors’ appointments and everything else that goes along with this sort of development. I have come too far to simply sit and not do anything about it. I have finally reached a point in my life where the pain is tolerable, and this means I want to enjoy the rest of my life as much as possible.

Since the doctor said to knit, I have been doing exactly that – knitting like the proverbial wind! Right now I am working on some dishcloths for my sister in Florida. She is coming up to Kentucky for a family reunion (I won’t be able to go because I need to stay close to the doctor right now) and I really want them finished for when she comes by to visit me. Because she lives in Florida I have selected some Lily cotton that reminds me of sand and sea and am knitting them up for her as quickly as possible. Hopefully she will enjoy them. I know I am enjoying knitting them for her.

There are so many projects in my head to knit that I am seriously considering keeping notes in a notebook and not just on I mean, there are so many!


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