My First Official Yarn – Pictures to Soon Follow


more cat pictures

Last night while watching So You Think You Can Dance I loosely balled up my first spinning project, now properly single-ply and ready to make the hat the roving was intentionally spun for. I am so proud of myself! Seeing the yarn, even its imperfections, was beyond satisfying. I have new roving which I have already begun to spin and it is doing much better than my first attempt, and it makes me feel so … accomplished knowing I am doing this myself.

Since this is my second spinning project (with a drop spindle), the procedure is working much easier and is a lot more “even” than the first go, which is to be expected and sought after. It is SUCH an accomplishment to me. Unlike knitting, which is its own sort of accomplishment and satisfaction, spinning is a different sort of relaxation and peaceful pursuit. It is too bad I won’t be able to take the spinning with me tomorrow to the test appointment.

According to the procedures I have to take three doses of Gas-X today and be NPO (no food or drink) from Midnight on. Since I will be NPO this also means I won’t be eating anything until after the test is done. As to what exactly is going to happen tomorrow is unknown, I am not at all sure how to prepare myself for relaxing while waiting on the test to begin. I am assuming I will be lying down so I don’t believe I will be able to take any knitting with me. Le sigh.

I have pictures of the roving-now-yarn in my camera-phone, so will take it off this weekend and put up a picture of my two beautiful balls of fantastic purple, handspun yarn!


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