Dishrag swaps and Spinning = Perfect Day


Today has been an odd day health-wise. I don’t know exactly why, but I just simply haven’t felt well. My BP did go up a little, but it is back to normal now and I am a little on the tired but antsy side. Hopefully this will pass soon.

To help get over the whatever-it-is feeling I relaxed into some spinning. This time the wool is close to falling from my fingers the way it does from Beth’s, but, possibly, there are a few more spinning sessions I need to just let it flow the way she does. Either way, I am quite pleased with how the spinning of this particular batch of roving is turning out.

There is a dishrag swap going on through Stone’s Throw. My dishrag/cloth is finished and I am selecting the treat and goody I am going to be sending with it. I just adore these things. The last person didn’t tell me if she had received her package. I guess it doesn’t matter, really: I had such a blast playing it the last time!


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