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Here are the rules from No Reason Needed. She is the tag-er in this case LOL!

These are the rules which need to be passed on:
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6 Random Things About Me

1. Sunshine makes me smile. It doesn’t matter if it is in the cold of winter, as long as the sunlight is bright and bathing everything in its sunny happiness there is a reason for me to smile.

2. Instant human – just add coffee. Coffee must come at least once a day. Because I am the only coffee drinker in my household I use instant coffee, but that doesn’t matter. There should be ONE cup of good hot coffee in the day, preferably in the morning. On really bad days there should at least be TWO cups of coffee.

3. My special treat to myself is a cafe’ mocha from Starbucks at the Barns & Noble with a Sugar Cookie. It really doesn’t matter how bad the day or week has been if there is a cafe mocha double with whip cream and a sugar cookie is placed before me. If a day ever comes when those two things don’t brighten my day and make things special, you know it has been a horrible time for yours truly.

4. My dogs and my cat are family. When I am sad, they comfort me; when I am happy, they play with me. When I am afraid, they protect me. I share with them all of my secrets and they never tell one single soul. And, 1/2 of the time I prefer their company over people (sometimes even the husband).

5. Books are one of my deepest joys. Reading books, exploring new worlds or past worlds and times through words gives me peace and let’s me escape this mundane life of mine better than any movie could.

6. Writing is like composing music. Sometimes, when the writing is going exceptionally well, typing on the keyboard is almost like creating music. It was more melodic when the keyboard was a typewriter – the click clack clack made its own sort of music and let me escape into the melody of the words like nothing else could.

I am tagging



Silent Auction Update


Two scarves are finished now for the silent auction. Should I make some dishrags for the silent auction?

On the lace – do I weave in the ends before blocking or after?

Tid Bits


Still working on the scarf. The further it goes the more I am falling in love with it! The fabric flows like cotton candy and looks so very wonderful! However, I am concerned I might have to go back and get some more mohair because I have made the scarf just a little wider than originally planned just in case someone would want to use it as a babushka (scarf worn during liturgical services).

Was supposed to go to the doctor today but WHEELS, which is the wheelchair transport company here in Lexington was running an hour behind schedule. This forced me to reschedule the doctor’s visit for next Thursday at 8:45 a.m.! No, I am not exactly happy about that, but there simply isn’t anything else to be done. *sigh*

Now that the day has been thrown totally off-kilter I simply don’t know what to do with myself!

The Sky is Gray


Yesterday, with all of its productivity, also extended to the scarf I promised to make for the Church’s silent auction. Much to my surprise, it has lengthened considerably and feels so soft and flowy that it is actually going to be very difficult to give it up for sale/auction! I feel like such a bad person! As soon as my phone is charged I will take a couple of pictures of it to show how long it currently is and, with luck the stitch definition it has. This is encouraging me to try something more difficult, but not very much more. Lace, I think, will be undertaken in slow, gentle, baby steps.

Lace in a Month?


My Church is having its annual festival a little early this year. Instead of the first weekend in October it is going to be the last weekend of September and I agreed to do a scarf for the silent auction. It was “hoped” I would knit a lace scarf. I’m fudging it. Beautiful mohair on large US 15 needles with a garter stitch. It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see it blocked! Shhhhhh. Let’s not tell too many people, shall we?

Oh, and by the way, it was my birthday so there was much celebrating and silence here, for which I apologize. However, all posting should resume it’s normal posting times. For further details of the birthday extravaganza you can check out The News if you are curious. All I can say is – I SURVIVED! And had a blast!

Oddly in Flux


Over on The News is a big long entry of stuff that is going on with me inside the ol’ k’noggin’ and spirit. This leaves less unwanted materials in my inner person, so I am better.

On the knitting front I am knitting like the wind. I have completed one tam and am working on the last one for at least a week. It is the prettiest of all and is on tiny US #2 16″ circulars. It is going to take a while to knit, and I need to work on it every day in order to have it finished by August 22nd when it is leaving for its new potential home.

Yesterday I even took it outside to knit and be warm and just enjoy the great outdoors. The tam really enjoyed it. We’re going to do the same thing at some point today. Tams need fresh air like everyone else.

It’s Picture Time!!!


Here is the roving freshly spun and hung to dry!

First homespun yarn

Here is the pretty new (slub) yarn balled loosely, waiting for me to put it on some needles.


And here, are the tams that are about to drive me completely crazy!




My favorite dishrag for my sister.


And this is the new roving being worked on.


This is moving along so much better than the purple-roving-now-yarn. You just have to start learning somewhere.

Seeing all of these things here shows me just how productive I have been despite feeling as if I haven’t done anything!