I Need a Yarn Room


Between the stash of fleece purchased yesterday and more yarn, likewise purchased yesterday, for a couple of new tams, my little corner of the living room is now officially full. Is it going to be possible for me to not purchase any more fiber or yarn until there is a little more room for it? This makes me say YES, but my heart trembles in fear, or perhaps a secret knowledge it won’t actually last. It is just quite possible I have indeed reached my first point for a “stash busting” exercise and I am totally lost as to what I should do!

Yes, I know the tams need to be finished first, but there is also several pairs of socks I would like to finish before cold weather – this is August you know – and there is a top and two sweaters that need finished before much longer. So what do I do? Do I put everything on the needles and just begin working on them, one day for each project? I am open to suggestions at this point me lovelies! HEEELLLPP!


One thought on “I Need a Yarn Room

  1. No, don’t get a yarn room. I did this and now my husband sees everything. It was better when all the yarn was hidden and he had no idea of how big it all was. Just get better hiding places.


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