There is Life Outside of Yarn?


My Darling Hubby is wanting a sari silk hat so badly he went to a local Indian merchant friend of ours and got some scraps of old saris and began cutting the remnants into strips and binding them together, then twisting them to make a sort of rope. Bless his heart, but he expects me to knit this into a hat for him. I told him it would actually be better if it was crocheted into a hat, but he wants it knitted. At the same time he keeps telling people he needs a hobby. Since crocheting makes my right hand swell and hurt for several days afterwards, it would be nice, I think, if he would learn to crochet. Presently, DH is putting up a semi-good fight at not learning to crochet, but I believe I sense him wavering since he sees me having such a good time with yarn and is wanting a hobby.

Isn’t it amazing how seeing someone knit something and getting the most enjoyment out of it can encourage someone they need a hobby that gives likewise pleasure? When will said people realize the ONLY way to get such pleasure is to actually sit down and work with yarn, and *gasp* knit (or crochet) something themselves? This is my take on it at least.

Began another tam last night. Yes, I know I said I was going to work on something for myself when the *last* tam was finished. The only thing is – the 22nd of August is coming up rather quickly, and if I am going to have four tams ready for possible purchase I sort of need the four tams to present, you know? There are two done, and this is the third one, and, to be honest, the best looking one of them all. I hope it gets sold, and if not, I hope I can find someone who would really like to wear it. When it is finished I’ll make sure and put a few pictures in here of everything.


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