Get Froggy Wi’It!


Yesterday was one of the most productive days yours truly has had in quite a while. It is a wonderful thing to report that all the floors were swept and the kitchen and hall were actually mopped. As an added bonus, the dishes in the sink were actually cleaned and most put away. Dear Hubby felt like crap yesterday because of a virus, so he did not complain about me getting house-work done – he just wanted to sit and doze in front of the TV. It takes a lot to keep him from work, and since he did not go to work yesterday I am positive he felt like absolute crap. However, today he did make it to work and I actually made it to the sleep study initial interview today. This leads me to think – today is a good day!

Yes, there was tons of good house-work done yesterday, but there was also knitting accomplished. The wonderful sweater called Clark was actually brought out of the darkness and frogged back to the point to where proceeding again makes more sense. Why was it frogged? Because it calls for a ridge across the chest. In the picture you don’t see ridges at all, which makes me look at this sweater and think how masculine it looks; it does not look masculine with the ridges across the chest. So, frogged what little I had of the front and then frogged the back down to another point and am going to work from there.

The wonderful sweater called Clark was not the only thing I picked up, but also continued to work on my worsted weight socks for myself for this winter. Since there will be a good amount (I believe) of the yarn left over, I am thinking I shall not waste it; there should be some matching fingerless mitts for me for this winter as well. And, just possibly, a toboggan that matches, should there prove enough of the yarn left. Yeah, it could be a little over-board, but, why not? The yarn is in variegated purples and pinks, girlie to the umpth degree, and I am having a ball doing what I am doing. This project for myself is making me happy.


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