Looking Ahead and Feeling…Strange


Things are beginning to hop in the ol‘ brain of late. Stories are going down and knitting progresses wonderfully, although a little slower than was previously expected.

On the writing front, a new novel is in the process: phase one, to be exact, which is research. To read more about that, you can go over to The Kentucky Mountain Girl News and read all about it.

The new novel is going to be set in the Civil War era. More correctly, it is going to be set in the antebellum period before the war actually started. It is going to be a romance novel this time, but I am very into the story that is roaming around in my head. It may be a three-part series – part one before the war; part two during the war; and part three after the war, at least a little bit. Can I possibly pull off a three book series? I know I can do it, but, still, it makes me nervous. But, I really do love the story that is here inside my head.

And, of course, it is leading me to knitting projects centered in that era. Does anyone know of what things were actually knitted in the Americas during this time period? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated at this point.


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