The MoJo Has Returned!


Since last posting and wondering whether or not the knitting mojo was down for the count, I can honestly say – no it isn’t! Since then I have finished a pair of fingerless gloves to match my socks as well as a hat to match. I have begun a friend a shopping bag, and the sweater that was forever on the shelf has actually been re-packed into a knitting bag and will have the back of said sweater finished, with luck and work, tonight!

The knitting mojo has returned, and it has given me a peace that was lacking for the past several weeks. It seems everything has fallen back into place, and instead of working or not working on things as the case may have been – even getting resumes out have begun to be easier to get out.

One thing that may have had my mood down is that a couple of weeks ago I went for a job interview and everything was perfect as long as the person hiring did not see me. I had all of the skills required and had the perfect phone voice for the position of receptionist … until I went in and he saw the wheelchair. Suddenly he wasn’t certain there were any positions open at all. Despite knowing this was going to happen, it still hurt. It just possibly hurt more than what I let myself realize, because, since then, it has been hellish trying to get motivated to do anything, much less submit resumes and set up job interviews.

Hubby was encouraging and told me to just keep at it and everything would eventually fall into place. I am trying to do that very thing, but I am also realizing I need something exceptionally positive in my life in order to just keep going with this current project of getting a job.

Having a disability makes it practically impossible to get a job. If you happen to be on crutches potential employers view you differently, but more toward human; when you show up in a motorized wheelchair, whether or not you can do the job, the potential employer sees reasons why you can’t do the job instead of looking at the resume he was so excited about earlier.

Thank God I have knitting again!


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