Wonky. Weird. Wundernuts!



Things are…unusual here. A wonderfully good friend has recently discovered his father has cancer and today it was told how long he could expect to have his father around. It isn’t as long as anyone would have hoped.

It has also made me remember all of that long year when I was with my Mom and helping her as much as I possibly could and making mistakes as I did so. A lot of old memories have returned and it hurts.

Isn’t it odd how some pains never truly go away or are 100% healed? Grief is like a scar that never completely closes. It is always ready to tear open a little and bleed. In my long years of overcoming the grief of the losses I’ve suffered that fateful pair of years, I have discovered nothing makes it completely all better, but there are a few things that make coping a little easier to do. For me one of those things just happens to be yarn. Since all of this has begun with our dear friend I have found myself planning projects as well as working on all of the current WIPs lying about. I wish I could just spread the peace of knitting a little further into this situation, but I can’t, and the memories I have, though bittersweet, are my memories and I can stand them…now.


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