My Mind Roams Today


There are moments when all you can think about is being someplace else. Some place where you feel as if you have escaped into a quiet place to rest for a while. It doesn’t have to be a place far away. It can be quite near. Like the cafe’ at your favorite bookstore. Yeah, I’d like to be at Barns and Noble’s right now sipping on a cafe’ mocha and munching on a sugar cookie surrounded by books and people that I don’t have to talk to if I don’t want. Tonight, though, I would also be surrounded by yarn and knitting needles and books on knitting because this is a knitting night. Yessir, a full-fledged knitting night.

DH has gone to his tai chi practice and I am alone. Instead of making me feel all depressed and itchy to have company, I feel as if I am actually getting a good treat. I measured The Wonderful Sweater Called Clark against its recipient and feel good about how it is turning out. Tonight I am going to concentrate a good portion of knitting time upon said wonderful sweater and, once I find my Interchangeables – Hubby has put them somewhere – I am going to cast on a sweater for him.

Yes, I can mention knitting projects here without worry he will find out. He looks at my knitting and all of its many projects as almost a disease. It is a good disease as far as Dear Hubby is concerned, but a disease none-the-less.

As if the plans for knitting were not enough, I have spent a wonderful hour roaming and seen so many projects I would like to undertake one day.

All in all, this has been a yarn-filled day more or less. SS came over for lunch and while he was here he helped me de-tangle a couple of masses of yarn. According to him, de-tangling yarn and other things is a stress-reliever for him. I, personally, consider it a miracle and will help him de-stress sometimes (although unintentionally).

Today I re-discovered a pair of nice worsted weight fingerless mitts, a hat, as well as the worsted weight pair of socks I made for myself. I wish I had had these this past Friday! Perhaps my hands would not have gotten so cold! (I am now determined to make myself some mittens for such occasions; I am just not sure which yarn to use from my stash.)


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