All My Rowdy Friends Are Knitters


OK, not all of my “rowdy” friends are knitters…. I have just been listening to a lot of country music today.
The nice line of dogs you see here is usually the site I see when my “secretaries” wait for something to do like be petted, help mom with important character decisions; decide on yarns, needles and a good next project. When their services are not called upon they take naps.
Today more stitches were put down on The-Wonderful-Sweater-Called-Clark. The back is nearing completion at a much faster pace (probably because I am working on it). I should be able to cast on for the front by the end of the week, Thanksgiving withstanding. Knitting is the continual thing that helps me relax and lately I have needed relaxing for various reasons.
There is good news on the job front: Two places have responded positively to my resume and said they would be notifying me again soon! *swoon* I am so pleased. I hope the hours work out well and I get paid for training because I could really use it. Yes, I know – I sound like a broken record on that front. Maybe everything is going to open up soon.
A job also means something even more splendid: More yarn!!!

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