Pre-Christmas Ill, Right on Time


I am sick. I am dog sick, not just ‘sick as a dog’ but dog sick. I have the flu according to my doctor, who has graciously called in some antibiotics for me and which my loving neighbor is going to get for me on the way to purchase groceries. However, I am not alone in the sick. Hubby has the sick as well, as does Sniffles, and even Haro (although Haro claims he is turning the corner on the ill and is thus proclaiming himself better).

Despite the ill, I have indeed knitted like the wind and finished up with a hat and one fingerless mitt I will now have to sew up and the second mitt is begun and is looking more like a swatch than anything else, but it IS a mitt, or soon will be. The scarf to match is just going to have to arrive at some point after Christmas, maybe by Old Christmas on January 6th; although, to be quite honest, it will probably be by Valentine’s Day. One gift will not be given at all because it is no where near completed. *insert large, sad sigh here*

Knitting, even though I have been sick, has been a joy, a release for all of the illness that currently inhabits this ol‘ body. No matter how badly I am feeling, once a few rows are knitted on a project, the better I feel, at least emotionally.

One of the side effects of this flu is that I cannot hear. Both ears are stopped up and one is probably infected. This means there is quiet and stillness during the knitting that otherwise would not be there; the knitting would be accompanied by the noise on the TV or radio. Hubby is looking at this with a wry smile and he keeps trying to help me listen to my favorite shows by turning the TV up quite loud. I can hear it, sometimes, but, if I had my druthers, I would just knit, right now, in the stillness of my own head. However, I do miss hearing conversations and what is being said to me.

I hope your all holiday gifts are finished and ready for their recipients and, just in case I don’t make it back before then: Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!


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