Some History and a Link


As most know, I am a member of Ravelry as NotAfraid2Knit. Big surprise, right? Well, one of the groups I am a member of there is JWS Knit and Natter led by the indomitable jmcarlisle who posted some wonderful information about Aran stitches. I am posting it here with permission. I hope you find this as interesting as I do.

Basket stitch = the fisherman’s basket for abundant catches.

Irish moss = symbol of the gifts of the sea-carrageen moss, a delicious food harvested at low tide.

The Link = the eternal link with those who have left the islands.

Diamond = represents success, wealth, and treasure derived from land and sea.

Honeycomb = tribute to the bee and hard work; considered lucky for fisherman to see a swarm of bees.

The tree of life = symbolizes the hope of Aran islanders for strong sons and family unity.

Trellis = represents the pattern of the small stone walled fields of the west acting as protection against the wind.

Double zigzag = the marriage lines suggesting the ups and downs that make life worthwhile.

And here is a link to a creative knitting site you might find interesting:

You can also click on the title to go to the site as well. Happy knitting today y’all.