A Cute Little Bag and Yarn Therapy Commense


This cute little bag has caught my attention. Valentine’s Day is closer than what I am comfortable with, and I am trying to be up on the possible knitting projects I can use as giving as gifts or parts of gifts. I am thinking that this little thing would be perfect for putting a small gift or two in for my own special Valentine. Since my paycheck is waiting for me at work instead of being deposited like I expected it to be into my checking account, I think the purchase of some yarn for such a cute little creation would be wonderful for my guy. The only other thing I need to need to figure out is what to put inside said pouch.

The instructions are not going to be posted below, and if you would like a copy of your very own, you can click on the title above and be taken to the Lion BrandTM site where the page for the project is available for your very own download. I was going to post them, but didn’t want to step on any copyright toes – I am too poor to pay for copyright infringement. LOL.

On other knitting news, I am going to kick the knitting into high gear and finish at least two sets of the fingerless mitts for two or three people in my office. I am going to try my very best and get three sets done so that when I go in on Monday I will be bringing gifts for my co-workers who have had to take over the calls I should have been taking while off due to the ice and snow conditions that are trapping me here in the house.

I was reading today in an article I received about dealing with stress in a creative way. The article suggested either writing in a diary or journal; writing a short story, and, of course, knitting and other hand crafts. After taking a nerve pill the thought of knitting made me ease up even more.

The possibility of losing my new job over this is very real. Hubby keeps telling me not to worry about it, but it is so difficult not to do so. Sister2 suggested just keeping busy and prepare for work on Monday as if everything was going to work out perfectly. Positive thinking can hopefully get me through this current bout of nerves that feels as if it is bordering on a panic or anxiety attack.

Hubby came home from work tonight and worked a little on the porch and the ramp a little before coming in and promptly going to lie down for a little. Me thinks he isn’t feeling all that great. He is such a macho guy he does not like to admit he does not feel well and I have to guess or ask many times how he is feeling before he gets annoyed enough to tell me. Since my own nerves are a little jangled at the moment, I am just going to let him relax for a while before finding out how he feels or even what he would like for supper. I know he is also under stress because of all of this himself in trying to support me, in his own strange way, through this.

Tomorrow is also Hubby’s 40th birthday and, just possibly he might be feeling this one, but he hasn’t said anything specifically.


It’s white outside my window still.


The back yard looks beautiful today in the cool gray afternoon light. The dogs have run and played in the snow and left their tracks and trails mingling together until the snow looks rumpled, like rumpled sheets on a large bed. Ice still clings to the trees and makes them droop, each branch outlined in icy clearness like some alien landscape suddenly come to life before my very eyes.

Like every day since Monday I am stuck in the house unable to get out safely, which means work and my paycheck is suffering. Today, though, I have been practically depressed over the fact I am not out at my job: I feel as if I am failing. Everyone says I am not, but, still, this is how I feel. Working is a serious matter for me, and not working now makes me feel as if I am letting my employers down after they gave me such a big chance.

There is part of me that is still coldly rational about everything. If I am fired I should probably be able to find another job. If I am let go there will be someone else who can quite easily do my job. If. If. If.… So, to keep my mind busy and my body, at least my hands, active, I am working on the fingerless mitts I have promised my co-workers. There will be one pair finished today and another pair begun. Hubby said he would dig me out a path today when he gets home. SS tried but could not. Hopefully it is warm enough for the snow/ice-melt stuff to work now at 24*F. If I am unable to go to work tomorrow I will go on Monday and be more prepared for the next storm that is preparing to hit Lexington at the beginning of next week.

I am being as optimistic as I can as well as appreciate the beauty and knitting around me.



moar funny pictures
Last night there was a major dumping of ice on the Lexington area. Because of the ice I didn’t make it to work today, and it felt odd. Yesterday, once everyone saw my supervisor’s fingerless mitts, everyone nearly in my unit has requested them. Since I can’t take large knitting projects to the office I figured these would be perfect to do there in those down times.

According to the weather and news, tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same. It didn’t get above freezing today so my ramp is still iced over. Tomorrow is probably going to be another stay-at-home day. SupervisorB said that I wouldn’t lose my job since the ice was beyond my control. This means, from my understanding, I am still going to have a job, but the paycheck is going to be somewhat smaller than it would have been with a full week of work.

Knitting Has Already Invaded The Work Place


Today was my second day of training at the new job. When I was putting my bag together for work this morning I discovered some knitting at the bottom – unfinished fingerless mitts – I decided to leave them there so I could actually have something to do should the bus get me there extremely early or I had to wait a while on it to pick me up. Well, the bus did indeed get me to work extremely early so I sat and had some quiet knitting time to help me prepare for the training. The supervisors ( I love them!) arrived and we sat and talked while I knitted. Supervisor2 is a wonderful young woman and I just couldn’t help but volunteer to make her a pair because she was just so cold in the office. Supervisor1 is a very interesting man who cracks me up and is so laid back he just simply encourages a good working environment by his very presence! He was so cold I also volunteered to make him a pair as well. He was adamant to let me know he preferred masculine colors. I couldn’t help but smile, because Supervisor2 and I had already been talking about colors for hers and she loves pinks and purples. A girl after my own heart on the purples.

As luck would have it, there was also some waiting involved and thus more knitting at the end of the day. It was wonderful! Just knowing I will be able to have my knitting around at the job, when not working of course, that the stress-reduction has already begun. And, since I don’t have any pink yarn I get to go shopping for a skein this weekend! I am happy.

The job is a call center position and we have had training yesterday and today, as well as get-to-know-each-other time, which is actually very good. The training, however, is going to be over on Tuesday and we go live on Wednesday or Thursday. I am nervous. We all are. Still, there is also an excitement there as well. We found out today we are not going to be sharing our desks with anyone else so we get to decorate them as we like and call them ours. We even got to pick our stations/desks today. Mine is next to the windows and light. Hopefully the blinds will be open more than they will be shut. I need sunlight or I feel quite draggy and low.

Speaking of being draggy and low: The doctor had another potassium test run on me. The potassium was low, which means I have to go back on potassium, which does not surprise me. In fact, I am somewhat relieved because this should help me feel more energetic and able to handle the job and this new life I am suddenly living. (I am also going to store a couple of 5 Hour Energy Drinks in my desk for those super lazy days, or days following an insomnia night.) Hopefully the doctor will be able to figure out soon why I am losing my potassium and we can, again hopefully, correct the problem. Who knows, I may have to be on potassium for a while this year.

Oh, and one girl at the office has asked if knitting was difficult to learn.

*insert grin here*

The Third Day of the New Year 2009…


…brings quietness and my darling husband snoring on the couch.

He actually made it to tai chi this morning, but when he came home he went and laid down on the bed “to stretch his back out” and fell asleep. He got up from there and went into the living room where he sat down on the couch and fell promptly asleep again. I am not going to wake him as I had ample sleep myself today and am feeling much better for it.

The first project for 2009 I am bound and determined to complete is going to be the wonderful sweater called Clark. It has been sitting around and sitting around and other projects have been being pushed and pulled and slipped in front of it until it has taken me a very long time to even get back to it. However, as one of my New Year’s Resolutions (surprisingly I actually made a list this year) I am getting all of the old projects under my belt and getting them finished so that by the time summer rolls around I can pick up a pair of socks or some lace – still determined on the lace – without feeling one bit of guilt.

The year 2008 was a very important learning year for me where knitting has been concerned, as well as a little more of life in general. I have learned that if I actually plug away on a project it actually gets completed and looks wonderful, and that small projects are quick ego boosters when the larger projects seem to be taking forever to complete. Many of you probably already knew this, and I know I did at some point in my brain, but it was nice having the knowledge re-awakened in my head and heart. I also learned that when I don’t knit for a considerable period of time I get really grumpy, grouchy, meanish, and my blood pressure refuses to stay in the nice levels and tries to kill me. Yes, an important reason to keep knitting. I have also learned and accepted that my nearest and dearest friends watch my knitting progression and when I am not knitting immediately know something is horribly wrong in my world somewhere – either I am sick or I am under a larger-than-normal amount of stress and come to my rescue.

I have also learned that all of the friends I have made on Ravelry.com are some of the dearest to my little heart. Thank you guys for sharing this wonderful…hobby with me.