Knitting Has Already Invaded The Work Place


Today was my second day of training at the new job. When I was putting my bag together for work this morning I discovered some knitting at the bottom – unfinished fingerless mitts – I decided to leave them there so I could actually have something to do should the bus get me there extremely early or I had to wait a while on it to pick me up. Well, the bus did indeed get me to work extremely early so I sat and had some quiet knitting time to help me prepare for the training. The supervisors ( I love them!) arrived and we sat and talked while I knitted. Supervisor2 is a wonderful young woman and I just couldn’t help but volunteer to make her a pair because she was just so cold in the office. Supervisor1 is a very interesting man who cracks me up and is so laid back he just simply encourages a good working environment by his very presence! He was so cold I also volunteered to make him a pair as well. He was adamant to let me know he preferred masculine colors. I couldn’t help but smile, because Supervisor2 and I had already been talking about colors for hers and she loves pinks and purples. A girl after my own heart on the purples.

As luck would have it, there was also some waiting involved and thus more knitting at the end of the day. It was wonderful! Just knowing I will be able to have my knitting around at the job, when not working of course, that the stress-reduction has already begun. And, since I don’t have any pink yarn I get to go shopping for a skein this weekend! I am happy.

The job is a call center position and we have had training yesterday and today, as well as get-to-know-each-other time, which is actually very good. The training, however, is going to be over on Tuesday and we go live on Wednesday or Thursday. I am nervous. We all are. Still, there is also an excitement there as well. We found out today we are not going to be sharing our desks with anyone else so we get to decorate them as we like and call them ours. We even got to pick our stations/desks today. Mine is next to the windows and light. Hopefully the blinds will be open more than they will be shut. I need sunlight or I feel quite draggy and low.

Speaking of being draggy and low: The doctor had another potassium test run on me. The potassium was low, which means I have to go back on potassium, which does not surprise me. In fact, I am somewhat relieved because this should help me feel more energetic and able to handle the job and this new life I am suddenly living. (I am also going to store a couple of 5 Hour Energy Drinks in my desk for those super lazy days, or days following an insomnia night.) Hopefully the doctor will be able to figure out soon why I am losing my potassium and we can, again hopefully, correct the problem. Who knows, I may have to be on potassium for a while this year.

Oh, and one girl at the office has asked if knitting was difficult to learn.

*insert grin here*


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