Today has been one of those days where I have just relaxed and rested. Yesterday I ran away to Barnes & Noble for a couple of hours and made a couple of purchases for writing as well as reading. However, I have been a bad girl on the knitting from – I have done nothing.

It isn’t that there isn’t any inspiration, or that there are not things to actually finish and others to begin. It has just been so difficult this week to manage my station and get the knitting needles out during the quiet times, which have not been all that many, but there have been a few. Instead of knitting during the down times I have been reading.

Sunday I am going to go shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for my guy, and I am also going to plan my knitting time a little more, and I am also going to organize a few more things at my desk. I am also probably going to order myself a yarn bowl or pick up a nice heavy-ish bowl of some sort so I can use it while at work. Or, I could also go to Jo Anne’s and pick up a couple of those “yarn caddies” that zip. Until I get some bills paid I have to be very careful with indulging in the knitting world.

Work is really going well for me. The one thing I need to do is to make sure and organize my relaxing points while there. I need to make sure the old bp doesn’t spike on me while there.


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