‘Splaining and Stuffs


Lying About
Things have been exceptionally quiet here of late and I have left you all hanging with almost an explanation as to what actually happened, so I understand there is some ‘splaining to do. So, I dood it now:

Sunday, the 8th, I used WHEELS to go to Church because I was planning on going shopping later at the mall. The driver who picked me up from Church to take me to the mall did not secure my wheelchair down properly. I knew this when I slid out of my slot and almost hit the lift, which is made of metal and has many sharp parts, and also rocked up on one line of wheels and then rocked back to the other side. It is a miracle I did not actually turn over and get hurt even worse than I was.

The entire incident hurt me pretty badly. I missed work on Monday and attempted to go to work Tuesday, but ended up having to leave and go to the ER because the pain was pretty bad: I was hurting from head to toe and had actually had to go to the bathroom and vomit because of the pain. My manager and supervisor threatended to call 911 if I vomitted one more time. Luckily Hubby arrived before that happened.

The ER basically said my body had been in a car wreck without me actually having been in a car wreck. The x-rays showed, thank goodness, that I did not have any broken bones or hairline fractures. This was a miracle in and of itself. This prompted me being off from work from Tuesday through today. I am actually going to work tomorrow. It is my short day. *sigh* The paycheck is going to suffer, but I still have my job which means a lot to me.


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