That Wonderful Day After Valentine’s


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moar funny pictures
Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Yeah, most people in the world knew it and enjoyed it. Remarkably, so did me and Hubby. We didn’t do anything overly romantic, but we did make sure to spend the day together as well as alone together, which was absolutely wonderful beyond belief.

We went to see the movie Push at The Movie Tavern where we enjoyed buffalo wings, french fries, and just being together.

As for presents, well, he got me both seasons of Shimmy and I got him some wonderful masculine cologne that smells wonderful on him!

And today is, well, the day after Valentine’s Day and I must admit it has been one of those slow days. I did quite a bit yesterday and moved more than what I had been moving because of the pain in my back, so I did not make it to Church today, but it was for the best because I feel better. The back is still not happy, but it is better. Hopefully I will be back to normal in a week or two more. This is my hope, however.

While Hubby napped on the couch this afternoon, I realized I had not knitted anything I had not wanted in a long time. So I began a dish cloth just for me…

And I have tried several times to upload a picture of it, but technology is foiling me!

I feel so much better now. I feel so good in fact, I will probably attack the wonderful sweater called Clark!


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