Beginnings and Endings


The very last pair of fingerless mitts is being finished and I have realized I really do enjoy making them – I am just tired of making the very same ones repeatedly. So, I am going to make some pretty ones with lace-weight yarn, I think for myself, or a lace scarf for myself. I am torn. Still…. There are just so many wonderful things to knit!

I still haven’t tackled “magic loop” yet, but I am determined to begin this week, or as soon as I find some more sock yarn I would like to work with. I may have to do a KnitPicks shopping spree for some new sock yarn. And, of course, I must finish the baby gifts I have begun for an LJ friend.

At last, though, the knitting mojo is back! I am so very relieved!

Plus, I have also figured out how to make something to hold my yarn at work and keep it orderly and neat: Coffee can yarn caddies! I just have to find some weight to put in the bottom of a coffee can to make it heavy so the weight of the yarn itself won’t drag it all over my desk. Does anyone have any idea about how it should be decorated? I am thinking of some shelf liner as decorative wrapping around the can itself. A hole in the top of the lid for the yarn will let the yarn out of the can. I am kind of excited now about knitting projects. It could be possible now to take the sweater I am still working on.


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