Return of the Knitting Bug


knitting Friday, in order for me to get by with the mundane at work I took back some knitting. Having dusted off the old knitting needles I must say my world slowly began to fit back together. Until Friday, when I began knitting, I knew something was out of place, but I did not know what. Still don’t. The thing I do know is that the raised bumps of things settled into a little better semblance of a normal landscape. Hubby’s operation was not exactly simple, but it went well and I am relieved. The thing that really was upsetting was the fact there was something wrong with him. Now that he is home (and still sleeping off and on on the couch)my world is once again more orderly.

So, I have grabbed the wonderful sweater called Clark and have everything ready to begin working on it again. Plus, because it was small, I began working on a dishcloth. My next project, small project, will be dishcloths as a baby gift. They are going to be made out of chenille. As things are finished I will post them. The image here is just of the dishcloth I am working on…almost. It is a “chain” dishcloth, but not quite this one. This was the closest picture I could find to the dishcloth I am making.

I also discovered my sock yarn! I can’t wait to begin working on a pair of magic loop socks so I can learn the technique as well as making myself some socks. Excitement is deep in the heart of me right now. Knitting. Games. Cooking. Spring. Life.


This Day at Last Relaxes


SmileyCentral.comHubby had to have his operation today and I stayed home from work to make sure the house was as close to spotless as I could get it with Cheyenne’s help. Today has been one of the more worrisome days that I have had in quite a while.

There was so much housework and cleaning to do today (OK, maybe not that much cleaning) that I have not really picked up the knitting needles yet. Now that Hubby is sleeping peacefully on the couch my mind is beginning slowly to turn toward yarn and and needles and knitted items.

Knitting will help me settle down a little more.

Serious Sock Thoughts


When my paycheck is here I am going to order me some sock yarn and I am going to get a nice book for doing magic-loop socks and I am going to make me a pair of socks darn it!

That is all.