It Feels Soooo Good!


Yesterday when I got off work I actually relaxed and picked up the knitting needles and some yarn. I have decided to make myself a beautiful summer purse in the Pink Lemonade range of Sugar & Spice cotton yarn. It is going to be a long shoulder-strapped purse with room for only a few things and my ever-present cell phone and now the ever-present Nintendo DSi.

Picking up the needles and playing with the yarn has already begun to wash away some of the stress I was unaware of in my shoulders until it began going away as I began to cast on. The knitting projects are all there, patiently waiting for me and I must admit I have missed them.

One of the coolest things about the DSi is that it has a camera (which was one of the reasons why I was not going to get it in the first place!) and I can take pictures of my knitting and post them here soon without too much trouble. I just have to get myself an SD card in order to transfer them back and forth.


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