Nails and Yarn Its Surprising How Well They Go Together


Friday after work, Sniffles and I headed out to my nail place for a “fill and paint” with Tim, the guy who does my nails at Foxy Nails here in Lexington (in the Pimlico shopping center). Getting my nails done has become as important, maybe more so, than getting my hair done, because getting my hair done requires a LOT more trouble and work for me as well as for any stylist willing to work with someone in a wheelchair that tilts. Most stylists get really weird when I go in to ask about prices, so have stopped doing that. However, getting my nails done does not require so much stress and thus it is that little girlie treat I let myself have along with make-up and smell-goods. Still, having my nails done is my treat for me and I always tip well, because Tim cannot just sit there in a comfy chair and do my nails, he is on his feet just as much as he is sitting. I commend his spirit and will tip him each and every time I go.

After having the nails done and walking back to a house full of friends for the weekly role playing session – we are doing Feng Shui now – I felt relaxed and more…in control of everything while accepting I am truly not in control of anything. And, as often as not, yarn and knitting came into the forefront of my brain. One woman looked at my hands once and declared, “How on earth do you type, much less do anything else!” My response was that it was quite easy, I just do it. Now that I have pretty nails more attention is drawn to my hands and thus to the pieces I am knitting and this comment is coming more and more.

Plus, there have also been comments of how frivolous having my nails is since my hands look so weird any way.

Walking back from the nail place Friday with Sniffles I realized I am actually quite proud and happy with my hands. After all, my hands still work – just a little differently than most peoples because of the arthritis and might not be quite as strong – and I love them as well as love seeing what the can do with sticks and strings. It is like magic. So, OK, my hands are beautiful, perhaps, to you, but to me they are and they are quite accomplished hands. Who cares if I am never going to be a hand model. I sure don’t! 🙂


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