Looking to the Summer


Sitting quietly today after work, I inhaled deeply and reveled in the knowledge I was wearing a tank top and I wasn’t at all cold or chilled. In fact, it was warm outside and thus my arthritis wasn’t bothering me nearly as much as it has all winter.

The knitting bug has firmly taken hold again and I am contemplating even more projects and what to do. The family is expecting a new baby in November and Sissy2 informed me that it even gets cool in Florida around that time so knitting something sort of warmish for a baby is absolutely grand.

There is some wonderful baby yarn I have left over from a previous hat project and now am debating if I want to make a little sweater, hat and booties out of it and throw in a nice little blanket because a friend of mine gave me some wonderful yarn that, I believe, would make a beautiful little baby blanket. I don’t want it to be anything overly fancy, just simple and pretty. Currently we don’t know what the baby is going to be, but neutral colors, greens and yellows, always go over well, or so I have been told.

Now all that remains is deciding on the sweater. I do have a pattern already for a baby kimono and, quite truthfully, I am leaning toward it heavily.

Besides the little baby things, I am preparing to delve into my first lace knitting of any summer, and socks. My goodness, how busy we knitters are! There is so much to knit and so many different things to try, or learn!


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