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The world is a strange place these days for me. It is a dangerous and yet wonderous place all at once. I guess it really hasn’t changed that much, but some new information from a doctor has me worried and confused and nervous. Keeping all of that out of the mind and keeping going has been difficult. Yes, I know I am being cryptic, but it won’t be very much longer until I can explain completely.

An Open Letter to Knitting


Dear Knitting,

Yes, it has been a long time since I have picked up the needles to communicate with you and reset the emotional batteries for myself. No, it hasn’t been anything you have done or not done – it has just been me letting everything else out there get in the way of us enjoying one another.

The washcloth that was begun is indeed almost completed and the baby sweater ideas are flowing, and the thought of knitting while watching So You Think You Can Dance practically makes my mouth water.

I have no forgotten you, my dearest friend, and I am coming back to you on the backs of shiny sheep and excited heart. Just be patient is all I ask.