Socks, Rain, and a Soggy 4th Makes Peoples Happy


Happy belated Fourth of July everyone!

Here at the Notafraid2knit homestead there was frantic preparations for getting everything ready for a party that ended up being in, thankfully, SS’s garage! I need to do something super special for him because he deserves something special for all of the wonderful things he does for us here, as well as everyone else he can. You simply cannot beat him, except for maybe DH when he isn’t grumpy, which is hard to do these days- not find him grumpy. Can grumpiness become a habit instead of how you are truly feeling? Sometimes I wonder, and yes, I digress. My apologies.

DH put together a brand new grill (in the rain) and then cooked some mighty tasty hamburgers and brauts (in the rain) and then proceeded to eat (in the rain) because he didn’t want to bring his grumpiness into the garage with everyone else. This caused some amusement for some of the guests, especially RQ who has known DH for over 20 years and brought it up to him that”his wife” had “suggested” he put the grill together in the garage, but he had to be contrary. Surprisingly DH agreed and finally came in, literally, out of the rain to play a game with us and thus enjoy the rest of the day.

About 8:30 p.m. everyone packed up and headed to the fireworks display downtown and I gratefully went to my own home where I took more medicine for a probably sinus infection and just proceeded to rest.

Today I have little to no voice, and am slinging snot and feeling none too wonderful, but I am alive and the party was a success. It is amazing how some of the smallest things remind you of how great and grand life truly is and how it is always important to live it, no matter how badly you feel. Even feeling bad means you are alive enough to feel something.

The knitting projects are finally almost organized. Since I still do not have the sweater pattern for the baby item I am beginning on the blanket today. It is such a happy yarn. It is variegated white, pastel greens, blues, and yellows and so soft t is an absolute treat for the fingers to work with it! I am debating on two patterns for it, the slipped chain or something else. I am favoring the slipped chain because it just looks interesting and the pattern is not too hard to remember, as long as I can find it again, of course. I am simply going to have to buckle down and collect all of my pattern stash together into one place and just keep it there for future reference. Still, it is going to be quite a big chore when it eventually does begin.!


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