The baby of the family got really sick at the beginning of September. She became lethargic and not wanting to do anything. Several times between September 1 and September 9 we were told she might not make it through the night. She kept surprising the doctors.

It became so scary that we took JoJo to Richmond to one of the best vets I believe I have ever seen, Dr. Taylor at the Barns Mill Road Animal Hospital. He did tests and said she had an autoimmune disease that cocker-spaniels were susceptible to: it caused the body to stop making red blood cells. He gave her a blood transfusion and it seemed that she was going to make it, but she suddenly had a turn for the worse. Dr. Taylor gave her another blood transfusion, but it just didn’t take. JoJo passed away on September 9 around Noon.

Not having her around for the time she was in hospital I came to realize just how much life she brought into our home. She was always loud and ready to play or bark so her voice would be heard. JoJo was Mommy’s girl down to her very core and she was never more than three feet away from me at any given time. When visitors came she was the perfect little lady (usually) and let everyone know she was available for petting and didn’t mind loving you back with her great big brown eyes!

It may sound silly to you, but I had her cremated and she is now sitting over there in her box back here in the office. Hubby said he would bury the box if I wanted him. I haven’t decided on that yet. In some weird way, having her ashes here is like she finally made it back home to me.

For the past couple of nights I have dreamed of her and different puppies, one of which was named Glory.

As you can imagine, the knitting has been both a blessing and a curse. I have baby shower to get ready for this weekend and I still don’t have the burp cloth ready. I have it begun, but there is still a lot of knitting to do on it. Hopefully it will get done, especially since it is also part of the decoration!


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