Baby Knitting is Taking Over!!!


Here is the burp cloth I made for a friend’s baby. I am going to have to mail it off, but it is so cute I wanted to share it with everyone!
Going onto the needles next is a little pair of breeches for my niece’s baby, and then the sweater. November is going to roll around here before you know it and I want the package to be in the mail and already there before November. Yeah, I am kind of pushing it, but little things go so very quickly!
I am also contemplating put a sweater on the needles for my DH. If I am diligent it should actually be done by his birthday, 01/31. Right? Yeah, my first attempt at making a sweater is still sitting in there in its bag looking forlorn and lonely. My thinking is: If I begin from scratch with brand new/different yarn, the knitting should actually go quicker, especially since my knitting confidence is a lot higher than what it was so many long months ago. Plus, since obtaining the nifty Options Acrylic Needles from an anonymous giftter for my birthday, I can knit longer than normal!
My only remaining question is – how am I going to get all of the Christmas knitting completed?

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