Gauge Problems


I am having gauge problems with the little leggings I want to do for my niece’s new baby. It says, quite simply, 22 stitches & 32 rows = 4 inches. The problem, when I do it with the suggested needle of US 5 it is not any where near the correct gauge. Last night I did a swatch – yes, it is surprising! I am swatching! – on US 4 needles and it was better, but still not spot on. I am nearly getting truly disappointed and have considered, albeit fleetingly, of just giving up, but I can’t. I can do this! I have correct gauge with other things, I just need to find the correct size needle darn it!

So, today, since I am still recovering from the stomach ickiness, I am going to try a size US 3 and see how that goes. If it does not get me gauge I am going straight to a US 1 and see how it does. I may just make it a little larger than just 3 months.

I am just a little bummed, but still determined. Any suggestions?


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