‘Tis Finished!


My hat is finished! Everyone says it is very girlie, and I have to agree. Believe it or not, but I have gone through all of this winter without a good warm hat. Now, this has been corrected. I am a happy, warm headed knitter.

Now that this has been accomplished, when I am up to it, I’ll begin working on Hubby’s new hat. Plus, there are four other items of interest preparing to go on the needles. More about that later!


The First Knitting Project for 2010


I guess as with all things, we must take breaks from the things (and people) we love in order not to develop a dislike for them. It was this way for me with knitting. I took a break from it for several very long weeks of actually doing the craft; instead of knitting I read magazines and books, and watched Knitting Daily in re-runs, and just let the thoughts and ideas just stew somewhere deep in the psyche until it was ready for actual yarn and knitting needles.

So, here is the first knitting project for 2010, and, what else: it’s a hat. However, instead of a hat for someone else it is a hat for me! What is even MORE spectacular about this project is that I am enjoying it!

It’s wonderful to have yarn in my hands and the soft click of the needles as they work. It is just a simple one-one rib hat, but it just looks adorable in my head and will be so warm for my head once it is finished.

Of course, since I have begun knitting again, Hubby has declared he wants his new hat now. I was quite surprised when I heard myself say, “You’ll get your new hat, but it is going to be after this one is finished. It didn’t bother him. In fact, he smiled and said he also needed a hat for the summer since his really nice tam vanished at some store while he was shopping. Hubby truly loved that hat and it is going to take some time to actually find another sock yarn I want to knit and make him a new one.

How can you go wrong with that, though? Really. I mean, having to shop for yarn to knit something. It really is a win/win situation for both of us.

Rooms. Yarn. Needles. Want.


I must admit, I am now in knitting withdrawal. At first it was just a break. Christmas had worn me out and then New Year’s and then…nothing. I haven’t knitted for quite a while now, and, at first it felt good, like a break, but now my hands are itching for yarn and needles again!

The really sad part is that hubby put lots of furniture in what was to be my craft room and since I foolishly believed it was going to actually be a craft room, I moved all of my yarn and knitting items in there with dreams of inviting friends over to come and just knit, spin, read, and relax in there. Of course, now that there is a ton of furniture in my way I cannot get to the knitting supplies or to the yarn itself.

Yes, I am sad. Really sad. However, along with being sad I am also getting just a wee bit upset. Hubby, of course, won’t do anything to move the furniture out of the craft room, I will have to depend upon the kindness of strong friends and the kids next door to get everything out that doesn’t need to be there and back into its proper craft room goodness. I am also going to depend upon the kindness of friends, and possibly the husband, to grab me some yarn and my special knitting needle case from in there so I can begin knitting again. Probably a hat because the husband is requesting a new hat since he lost the other special one I had made for him. I am sad it is gone, but pleased there is a reason to knit.

Plus, there are two sweaters to complete in as quick a fashion as possible!

New Year’s Day and a New Decade


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There is quite a lot to say, but I’ve actually said it better of at The News so I would appreciate it if you would check it out. Over there you will find my New Year’s Resolutions and thoughts on what I’d like to happen for 2010 otherwise.

On the knitting front there are likewise some resolutions to make, and keep.

  1. I am going to get ALL of the sweaters I promised the husband and friends done.
  2. The project of knitting through the book Romantic Knits is going to begin and be completed in one year.
  3. Socks are going to be made for yours truly and sock making is going to be mastered in 2010.
  4. I am actually going to make a pretty scarf for myself.
  5. I am going to be brave and knit up the designs I see in my head and have even written down and drew out in non-artistic means.
  6. The craft room will be reorganized and used this year
  7. The knitting book library will grow, just not by leaps and bounds.
  8. Spinning on my brand new spinning wheel will be mastered.
  9. I am going to begin, and actually keep a knitting
    journal with progress on pieces, swatches, and thoughts and feelings about each
    piece being knit.
  10. I am not going to be such a stranger to Ravelry this year.

This is a little daunting in some ways, but doable. Right?