Rooms. Yarn. Needles. Want.


I must admit, I am now in knitting withdrawal. At first it was just a break. Christmas had worn me out and then New Year’s and then…nothing. I haven’t knitted for quite a while now, and, at first it felt good, like a break, but now my hands are itching for yarn and needles again!

The really sad part is that hubby put lots of furniture in what was to be my craft room and since I foolishly believed it was going to actually be a craft room, I moved all of my yarn and knitting items in there with dreams of inviting friends over to come and just knit, spin, read, and relax in there. Of course, now that there is a ton of furniture in my way I cannot get to the knitting supplies or to the yarn itself.

Yes, I am sad. Really sad. However, along with being sad I am also getting just a wee bit upset. Hubby, of course, won’t do anything to move the furniture out of the craft room, I will have to depend upon the kindness of strong friends and the kids next door to get everything out that doesn’t need to be there and back into its proper craft room goodness. I am also going to depend upon the kindness of friends, and possibly the husband, to grab me some yarn and my special knitting needle case from in there so I can begin knitting again. Probably a hat because the husband is requesting a new hat since he lost the other special one I had made for him. I am sad it is gone, but pleased there is a reason to knit.

Plus, there are two sweaters to complete in as quick a fashion as possible!


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