The First Knitting Project for 2010


I guess as with all things, we must take breaks from the things (and people) we love in order not to develop a dislike for them. It was this way for me with knitting. I took a break from it for several very long weeks of actually doing the craft; instead of knitting I read magazines and books, and watched Knitting Daily in re-runs, and just let the thoughts and ideas just stew somewhere deep in the psyche until it was ready for actual yarn and knitting needles.

So, here is the first knitting project for 2010, and, what else: it’s a hat. However, instead of a hat for someone else it is a hat for me! What is even MORE spectacular about this project is that I am enjoying it!

It’s wonderful to have yarn in my hands and the soft click of the needles as they work. It is just a simple one-one rib hat, but it just looks adorable in my head and will be so warm for my head once it is finished.

Of course, since I have begun knitting again, Hubby has declared he wants his new hat now. I was quite surprised when I heard myself say, “You’ll get your new hat, but it is going to be after this one is finished. It didn’t bother him. In fact, he smiled and said he also needed a hat for the summer since his really nice tam vanished at some store while he was shopping. Hubby truly loved that hat and it is going to take some time to actually find another sock yarn I want to knit and make him a new one.

How can you go wrong with that, though? Really. I mean, having to shop for yarn to knit something. It really is a win/win situation for both of us.

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