A Lot of ‘Splaining To Do


Hello all, I am back again. I am also knitting some again. Thank goodness!

OK – so let me ‘splain.

On April 6 I took a nice ambulance ride to a local hospital emergency room. I had all of the symptoms and signs of a stroke: my left side was weak, numb, and unresponsive. I was in the hospital for seven days and six nights. The upshot of this was that no, I had not had a stroke, but I had had a rare migraine that is essentially a body migraine (the name is very long and I don’t know its correct spelling yet).

A neurosurgeon said there was a bone spur on a part of my spine that was putting pressure on my spinal column and could be causing my migraines. He said operating wasn’t currently in my future because it would be extremely tricky because of my medical problems with arthritis and osteoporosis. He also said that it could just be migraines but he wasn’t sure. The final conclusion was that the bone spur is putting pressure on my spinal column and could be causing these migraines and I need to keep a close eye on it, which means I now have a neurologist, which I see regularly beginning this Friday.

Since having the migraine my left side has slowly been returning to normal. My left arm and hand are almost back to normal, but my left leg isn’t quite. This means there is therapy in my future.

Since being home from the hospital I have had two migraines, just not the “body migraines”, thank goodness! I also had two pretty good ones while in the hospital. Also since being home from the hospital I have not worked because I have been weak as the proverbial kitten and am only just now getting caught up on rest and feeling normal.

Luckily, I have felt like knitting and nearly have a pair of fingerless mitts made for a friend of mine. Knitting and qi gong have helped me to start getting back to normal. Will post pictures of the mitts when they’re finished.


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