Blue Skies and Yarn – A Perfect Day in the Making, Literally


Today has been a good day.  I have knitted and roamed Ravelry for most of the day and just let myself take deep breaths.  Yes, it has been another day of relaxing, mostly because a migraine and I have been sparing for much of it – and I won!  Well, I don’t have a full-blown migraine.  Part of the reason, I am pretty sure, for not having the migraine has been because of the knitting.

I joined two more groups on Ravelry and left two others for no particular reason other than I just wasn’t involved any more. 

The fingerless mitts for my friend should be done tomorrow at the very latest.  Since this project is almost finished there has been some time spent on deciding what the next project should be.  If something doesn’t change, I am pretty sure I will do some spinning on the drop spindle and knitting on a sweater for the hubby as well as maybe a shall for myself.  My sister’s scarf is just going to have to wait.  I have realized, at this time, lace isn’t where I need to be as far as knitting skill is concerned.  I’m not giving up on lace-work or this particular project – just putting it aside for a little while so I can get myself prepared for lace.  This particular sister may get a faggoted lace scarf first before anything complicated.

The scarf I have in mind is simple and looks beautiful in my head.  I’m going to work on it some tomorrow, if the mitts are finished as I expect them to be, and get things lined out in my head.  It is simple “lace work” but I can finish it and get it blocked and to her in time for her birthday.  This is my goal at least and I am still going to keep it.

Hubby is going to have to go back into the “craft room” (which is really just a junk room again) for the spindle and roving.  There is something about knitting and spinning right now that is helping me to keep my shoulders and neck relaxed, which, in turn, is keeping away the migraines.  It is important for the migraines and arthritis not to meet up again like they did this weekend.  (It was unpleasant to say the very least.)

On a sad note, actress Lynn Redgrave lost her battle with breast cancer.  She was 67.  You can read more here


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